Newsletter Tools

Personal Mailer

Personal Mailer creates and sends serial e-mails with personal salutation of the recipients. The newsletter generator creates these messages with data from an Access database, Excel table or a CSV file.

Personal Office Mailer

Personal Office Mailer creates and sends personalized serial emails with data from an Access database, Excel spreadsheet, CSV file or from Outlook contacts.

The mailings are sent as HMTL emails via Outlook and can be customized with images, fonts, colors, tables, file attachments and much more.

Synchronization & Backup

Easy Sync

With Easy Sync you can synchronize your files and folders. The synchronization software for Windows creates an always up-to-date 1:1 copy of selected files and folders. The software can be used as a sync tool when important files are needed on multiple computers. Likewise, Easy Sync can create a backup / data backup to other computers or external hard drives.

Easy Backup Builder

Anyone who has ever lost important data due to technical errors, viruses, ransomware or incorrect operation knows how important a good data backup is. One wrong click is enough and weeks of important work is lost forever.

With Easy Backup Builder, backing up data becomes an easy task. The program performs backups of files and folders reliably, automatically and largely unnoticed. With just a few clicks you can back up everything that is important to you.

PDF Tools

Scan as PDF

With the little helper Scan as PDF you can scan a document with one click and save it as PDF. Alternatively, the scanned pages can also be saved as an image file, e.g. as JPG or PNG.

You can make minor corrections to the scanned documents directly with Scan as PDF. You do not need any other program for this.

PDF Minimizer

The Windows tool minimizes PDF documents with one mouse click and saves you and the recipients time and disk space. PDF Minimizer activates the maximum PDF compression without quality loss and optimizes or removes unnecessary content in fonts, page content or meta data.



When PDF documents are created from image files or from a scanner, the text they contain cannot be easily extracted.

OCR PDF provides a remedy. The program recognizes the text contents in your PDF files. The text can be saved or copied via the clipboard.

If desired, the recognized text can be saved with your PDF document. This makes the document searchable. The text can be marked and copied.