If you need to create PDF documents from scanned pages or image files under Windows, the little helper Scan as PDF can be of great help. The tool works with all common Windows systems and creates PDF files without the need for additional programs.

Scan 2 PDF

Start Scan as PDF and select the option “Scan documents” or “Scan image(s)” to scan as many pages as you want or to add image files. You can repeat this process as many times as you want to scan more pages.

Optimize scanned pages

The Scan Tool now offers several options for optimizing the scanned pages. Sometimes pages are slightly skewed by a scanner, Scan as PDF corrects this automatically if desired. Sorting of pages can be done, single pages can be rotated or their exposure, brightness, coloring is adjusted in no time.

Create PDF file from scanned pages

With a mouse click, the scanned pages are now saved as a PDF document or as image files.


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