Personal Mailer

Create and send personalized newsletters & serial emails

Personal Mailer

Sending personalized bulk emails has never been easier

Personal Mailer creates professional serial e-mail to customers, prospects, club members and many more.

In a familiar working environment, which is similar to Microsoft Word, you create your newsletters without much training.

In addition to text formatting, images, tables, colors, and hyperlinks, your emails can also contain text boxes. These text fields fills the program separately with your data for each recipient. The personal address of the customer is child’s play even with hundreds of recipients.

Personal Mailer sends the messages directly through your SMTP mail server. If you want to send your bulk mails with microsoft outlook, try Personal Office Mailer.


Personal Mailer is free to use in this limited version

Personal Mailer 3.0

Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 – 32 and 64 Bit

23 MB

language english, german

Features and benefits

Professional HTML serial emails

Your emails can be styled with font, colors, text formatting, images, links and tables.

Send newsletter with file attachment

Of course, you can also send as many attachments as you want with your messages.

Easy to use

During the development of PersonalMailer, care was taken to ensure that the program remained intuutively usable even for non-PC professionals.
You do not need to be a PC professional to use the program without much training. She gets to the desired destination in just a few clicks.
Should any questions remain unanswered, the free e-mail support will gladly help you.

Serial mail with placeholders, text fields

In order to be able to address your recipient personally, your e-mail may be contained in the body or in the subject line. During shipping, these are separated for each recipient, filled with the data from your database.